Leonie Risch is a handbag label creating honest, long-lasting and down-to-earth products. We work environmentally friendly by using recycled and upcycled materials, producing in Switzerland and implementing a transparency tracking system which shows you the whole supply chain of each product. Our handbags are produced in limited quantities and are available made-to-order or at our retail partners. Leonie Risch creates future vintage products.
The Founder

Leonie Risch, born 1994 in Liechtenstein, grew up in a shoe and handbag retail shop run by her family since over 100 years. Her great-grandfather and grandfather have been shoemakers. After graduating in Design Management International in 2018, Leonie Risch the label was officially founded. Leonie Risch designs every handbag in Liechtenstein and works with the last leather handbag manufactory in Switzerland with 30 years of experience to bring her ideas to life.

Our Passion
We interpret sustainability as durability. We go back to our heritage, our roots. In the time of our grandparents when going to your seamstress and shoemaker to purchase an item which was made-to-order and lasted over a lifetime was the norm. Our goal are honest, long-lasting and down-to-earth handbags.