This limited edition pays homage to the handcraft.
What happens when art and fashion merge? Not commercially and reproduced in unlimited quantities, but in ten pieces.
Textile entrepreneur Ben Weinberg, designer Leonie Risch and artist Azize Ferizi came together to discuss this question.
The result is 10 unique pieces, designed in Liechtenstein, artistically converted in Geneva and made by hand in Ticino, Switzerland.

Azize Ferizi used her painting practice directly on the fabrics as a canvas. The colors and shapes were directly influenced by Switzerland’s landscapes where she grew up. Each piece is a short novel, with a title and a story. The bag has a side with a figurative approach, while the other side is more abstract and direct. The artist lets you chose which proposition you prefer to go with, and to accompany you all day. 

Available online and at Schuh Risch, Schaan / Grieder, Zurich / Grieder, Basel / Grieder, Lucerne 

Supported by Karma International, Zurich.



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